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Zephyr Engineering is pleased to support Motorola's exciting line of security processors with the ZPC860C Security Application Development Environment. The ZPC860C development kit enables developers to implement network security applications with Motorola's MPC860 PowerQUICC communications processor and the MPC180 security processor that are part of Motorola's smart networks platform.

The ZPC860C consists of two components, the MPC860 processor card from Micetek and the MPC180 Security Processor daughter card from Zephyr. The MPC860 Processor Card functions as a generic MPC860 resource board. The MPC180 Security Processor daughter card connects to the 860 local bus through a board to board connector. The two are tightly coupled and run at 50 MHz. To further facilitate accelerated product development cycles, the ZPC860C kit includes a VxWorks board support package, drivers and diagnostics for the MPC180. The MPC180 drivers are written in ANSI C for portability to other operating systems.


Kit contents
  • MPC860 processor card with installed MPC180 daughter board
  • 5VDC, 1.5A power supply
  • Software driver CD, version 1.0
  • MPC860 user's manual
MPC860 Processor Card features
  • 50 MHz MPC860SAR CPU
  • 32 Mbyte SDRAM memory
  • 2 Mbyte flash memory
  • RS-232 and 10base-T Ehernet
  • Background debug mode (BDM) port
MPC180 Security Processor features
  • Support of algorithms implemented in IPsec, IKE, SSL and WTLS
  • Support of elliptic curve cryptography for WAP/WTLS
    • 55- to 511-bit programmable field size
  • Support for RSA and Diffie-Hellman algorithms
    • RSA with 80- to 2048-bit modulus
  • Bulk encryption support for DES, 3DES
    • ECB and CBC modes
    • 2- and 3-key 3DES modes
  • Bulk encryption support for RC4 compatible ARC four
    • Key size from 40 to 128 bits
  • Message authentication using SHA-1 (160 bits), MD-4 and MD-5 (128 bits)
  • 32-bit chainable RNG complies with FIPS 140 standards for randomness
  • 860 local bus at 50 MHz
  • 1.8V core, 3.3V I/O, 0.6W power dissipation
MPC180 software and driver support
  • VxWorks driver binaries
  • Sample driver source code in ansi c for easy porting
  • Standalone diagnostics pre-programmed into mpc860 cpu board flash memory
  • VxWorks bootROM file image
  • Downloadable VxWorks image
  • BSP source code
  • MPC180-specific modifications to WinNet, IPsec and IKE protocol packages

ZPC.860C Brochure (pdf)