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ZPCI.3901 MPC184 Security Processor PMC Module

The ZPCI.3901 MPC184 Security Processor PMC module is a high-performance encryption/decryption engine on a 32-bit 66 MHz PMC card.

This IEEE 1386.1 PMC card is a high-performance bus-master design with a 33/66 MHz 32-bit PCI interface, and is PCI rev 2.2 compliant.

Features include:

  • Public key execution unit supports RSA, Diffie-Hellman, elliptic curve operations

  • DES in ECB or CBC modes

  • 3DES two key (K1, K2, K1) or three key (K1, K2, K3)

  • Advanced encryption standard unit supports Rinjdael symmetric key cipher

  • MD5 (128 bit), SHA-1 (160 bit), SHA-2 (256 bit)

  • HMAC with any algorithm

  • 40 to 128 bit key RC4 compatible bulk encryption

  • Random number generator

The high performance of the ZPCI.3901 MPC184 security processor PMC module makes it an excellent choice for your PMC network applications.

ZPCI.3901 Data Sheet (pdf)