Specialists in custom designs, with emphasis on CompactPCI, FPGA and micro-controller implementations.

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Product Index by Number
ZA9256 1.00 to 1.27mm 256-pin BGA Interposer Board
ZA9484 1.00 to 1.00mm 484-pin BGA Interposer Board
ZPC.860C Motorola MPC180 Security Processor Development Board Kit
ZPC.861C Motorola MPC184 Security Processor Development board Kit
ZPC.900C MPC190 Security Processor Development Board Kit
ZPC.1900 Security Processor Development Platform
ZPCI.2400 Active Extender Board
ZPCI2466 66 MHz Active Extender Board
ZPCI.2900 Quad PMC Carrier
ZPCI.3900 MPC190 Security Processor PMC Module
ZPCI.3901 MPC184 Security Processor PMC Module
ZPCI.3910 MPC190 Security Processor PCI Card
ZPCI.3911 MPC184 Security Processor PCI Card
ZPCI.4096 96-channel Digital I/O 3U CPCI Card
ZR9090 0.80 to 0.80mm 90-pin BGA Interposer Board
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