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IMG_1271_crop_zoom_274x116FPGA Design Services

Zephyr is an Intel Design Services Network (DSN) Gold member, and offers complete FPGA design services from PCB design through FPGA firmware design and FPGA SoC programming.


Turnkey Hardware Design
Zephyr’s engineers used FPGA technology when it was first invented in the 1980s, and have been using FPGAs in creative customer solutions since then. Designing a board with parts that use 1000-plus connections is a daunting task. Zephyr can take on this task for you and leverage our experience to virtually eliminate your risk of errors on your prototype PCB. Zephyr includes a complete documentation package with every design, including schematic capture, Bill-of-Materials, netlist, CAD database, PCB Fab instructions and Gerber files.

FPGA Firmware Design
Already have a prototype board designed and built? No problem! Zephyr can design your FPGA firmware to your exact requirements. We can deliver fully documented code in either Verilog or VHDL, along with test benches and simulation results.

SoC Software Development
Whether you are running LINUX or some other operating system on an SoC CPU, Zephyr can help you with application software. From Cyclone V through Arria V to Arria 10, Zephyr knows the ins and outs of Intel SoC FPGAs.

IQ2_front_IMG_0064_crop_300x116Software Defined Radio

Complete Radios
Zephyr built the IQ2 transceiver for iQuadLabs as a complete 500mW DDC/DUC transceiver. Modular and inexpensive, the IQ2 is a perfect way to set up an FPGA-based SDR development environment. Sporting Gigabit Ethernet and the largest Cyclone V E FPGA (301K equivalent LEs), the IQ2 has lots of communications bandwidth and FPGA resources to implement SDR features.

Development Boards
Zephyr offers off-the-shelf development boards to aid in Software Defined Radio development. The SDRstickTM RF front end boards can turn virtually any standard FPGA development board with an HSMC connector into an SDR development platform. With frequency coverage up to 55 MHz, SDRstickTM boards offer a quick and very inexpensive way to build an SDR development environment. At higher frequencies, the RF-HSMCOMMS-9361 RF Agile Transceiver board adapts the AD9361 RF Agile Transceiver from Analog Devices to the HSMC connector and operates at frequencies up to 6 GHz. The SDRkitTM FPGA-CV-ST-SoC-9361 is a stand-alone AD9361 evaluation board featuring several high-speed data interfaces, including USB 3.0, 10 Gb Ethernet, SATA III and PCIe.

Waveform Development
Zephyr offers consulting engineering on porting of MUOS waveforms to custom hardware platforms. If you have custom radio hardware and would like assistance porting waveforms to your hardware, please contact us.

KC135_300x116Electronic Design Services

LED Lighting
LED Lighting is a Zephyr specialty. The Air National Guard KC135 tanker pictured above is equipped with Zephyr-designed navigation and Pilot Director LED lights. The Zephyr system is bolt-on and adds selectable NVIS-friendly and true covert lighting capability to the aircraft without any wiring modifications.

Embedded Solutions
From Microchip PIC to Cypress PSoC, TI MSP to Atmel AVR, ARM Cortex to Freescale ColdFire and beyond, Zephyr can design and build custom hardware, firmware and software with the embedded processor of your choice. (Of course, we can help you pick one from the hundreds available, too!)

Quick-Turn Prototypes
Zephyr can turn your idea into a working prototype in as little as 10 days. While complete documentation packages take a bit more time than this, Zephyr can get you and your customer up and running in record time.

Product Development
Zephyr’s wide industry experience allows us to target the correct technology solution for your product. From an embedded CPU to an FPGA, from an Android App to PC software, from re-purposing COTS technology to custom hardware and software, Zephyr can develop your ideas into a manufacturable product. Zephyr can even manage production for you.