FPGA Design Services

Zephyr Engineering, Inc is an Intel Design Services Network (DSN) Gold member, and offers complete FPGA design services from PCB design through FPGA firmware design, simulation and FPGA SoC programming. Zephyr’s engineers have been using FPGA technology since it was first invented. Our experience enables us to come up with the most creative FPGA solution that best fits our customers’ needs. Selecting an appropriate FPGA family for your custom solution can be a daunting task, and a mistake could put your project at risk. Let Zephyr help you select an FPGA from the many available and size it correctly for your project.

Together, We Make FPGA Designs Happen!



Turnkey Hardware Design

Zephyr has a long history of designing and delivering FPGA hardware on time and to specification. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, Zephyr can deliver prototype PCBs in as little as 8 weeks. Complete documentation is included with every design, including schematic capture, Bill-of-Materials, netlist, CAD database, PCB Fab instructions and Gerber files.

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FPGA Firmware Design

Even if you already have a prototype board designed and built, Zephyr can design FPGA firmware to your exact requirements. We deliver fully documented code in either Verilog or VHDL, along with test benches and simulation results.


SoC Software Development

Whether you are running LINUX or some other operating system on an FPGA SoC CPU, Zephyr can help you with application software. From Cyclone V through Arria V to Arria 10, Zephyr knows the ins and outs of Intel SoC FPGAs.