Electronic Design Services



Every good idea deserves a great design, and every good design begins with a clear and complete specification. Zephyr can create a specification for you from something as simple as a block diagram. Or we can take your simple preliminary specification and flesh it out with the necessary details. Or Zephyr can start with your detailed specification and use it as-is. A good specification is an asset to your project and reduces the risk of expensive late-in-the-project changes from missed functionality requirements.


Design Flow

Schematic Capture
Schematic capture is done with OrCAD (or other design tools at customer request). Part selection and PCB decal selection is done during schematic design. Clean, readable schematics are a hallmark of good design, and Zephyr has developed a design process for schematic creation that results in concise, maintainable schematics.

PCB Layout
Not surprisingly, Zephyr also has a process for ensuring that critical layout rules (such as controlled impedance traces), structures (such as complementary pairs) and placement (such as bypass capacitors) are all followed as PCB layout progresses. Frequent design reviews ensure that results conform to requirements.

PCB Fab, Parts and Assembly
Zephyr has strong, long-term relationships with many CAD shops and contract manufacturers. These relationships allow Zephyr to match our customers’ needs with our suppliers’ capabilities, much like an insurance broker. However, Zephyr is much more than a broker in the conventional sense, since we manage every aspect of our suppliers contribution to your project. Parts procurement is done in-house in order to keep it closely coupled to the design engineering team.

Testing is an often overlooked aspect of bringing a product to market. Whether it is design verification testing, production testing or test fixture design and fabrication, Zephyr knows how important this step is and can design custom procedures and hardware as well as perform testing of prototype and production designs.



Many of our contract manufacturers have volume capability, so you can transition right into volume production upon completion of your prototype. Zephyr can continue to manage your production runs at whatever level of support desired. Support typically consists of managing PCB and component purchasing, handling obsolete component problems and scheduling production runs.