Company Philosophy


Zephyr’s focus is on system design and documentation. What distinguishes us is our belief that technical documentation is an integral part of every good design. The most cost-effective approach is to do a complete job. A product must be completely reproducible from the documentation, or the design is not really finished.

Team Approach

Zephyr Engineering, Inc uses a team approach to solving customer design problems. Project leaders apply the skills of multiple engineers during each phase of a project. This allows us to provide the highest quality solution in the face of today’s aggressive schedules. Our principals have well over a century of aggregate experience in the industry.

Design Reviews

Communication is essential to getting complex technical designs right the first time and done on time. Zephyr’s design process includes multiple review check points along the path from concept to finished product. From specification to schematic, layout and packaging, each phase of the design is reviewed not only by Zephyr staff, but by the customer as well.