Zephyr Engineering Success Stories


BeRadio SDR

BeRadio is a Software Defined Radio RF front-end inspired by the Arrow BeMicro line of low cost FPGA development boards. Zephyr came up with the concept, coined the term and built the boards. Arrow Electronics held many successful SDR seminars in 2013 using BeRadio hardware as an introductory SDR platform. Read about Zephyr’s BeRadio success story here.


KC135 LED Lighting

LED Lighting is a Zephyr specialty. The Air National Guard KC135 tanker pictured above is equipped with Zephyr-designed navigation and Pilot Director LED lights. The Zephyr system is bolt-on and added selectable NVIS-friendly and true covert lighting capability to the aircraft without any wiring modifications. Read about Zephyr’s successful system solution here.

More to follow…