Zephyr Engineering Design Services


FPGA Design Services

Zephyr is an Altera Design Services Network (DSN) member, and offers complete FPGA design services from PCB design through FPGA firmware design, simulation and FPGA SoC programming. From turnkey hardware design through FPGA firmware design, simulation and SoC software development, Zephyr can either help you where you need help or deliver a finished product to your specifications.


Software Defined Radio

Another Zephyr specialty is Software Defined Radio systems. From complete radios like the IQ2 complete 500mW DDC/DUC transceiver built for iQuadLabs to development boards like the SDRkitTM FPGA-CV-ST-SoC-9361 RF Agile Transceiver Board and anything in between, Zephyr can design and build your custom hardware. Custom waveform design and porting is also among Zephyr’s many capabilities.


Electronic Design

Zephyr offers a full complement of design and production services. Starting with the design specification, through part selection, schematic capture, PCB layout, parts and PCB procurement, assembly, test, product engineering and anything from limited to full scale production, Zephyr can assist you with any phase of your product development.