SDRstick_48x48 SDRstickTM UDPSDR-HF2 100kHz – 55MHz Receiver


The UDPSDR-HF2 features a 16-bit ADC sampling at 122.88Msps. The HF2 is designed to be a front-end companion to the Altera BeMicroSDK from Arrow Electronics. Together, the HF2 and BeMicroSDK form a complete high-performance 100kHz – 55MHz Digital Down Conversion receiver. The high-performance UDPSDR-HF2 joins the UDPSDR-HF1 (14-bits@80Msps) receiver and the UDPSDR-TX2 transmitter (14-bits@210Msps) to round out the SDRstickTM family.

UDPSDR-HF2 Features

  • LTC2208 16-bit, 122.88Msps ADC
  • On-board 20dB LNA and LPF
  • Step attenuator, 0-31dB in 1dB steps
  • Extremely low phase-noise oscillator, -152dBc/Hz (@10kHz spacing)
  • External GPSDO clock input for precise frequency control
  • Audio CODEC directly drives headphones for receive audio output
  • Power requirements: 5VDC@950mA (including BeMicroSDK)
  • Hardware emulation of openHPSDR Mercury and Hermes (receive section only)
  • Compatible with PowerSDRTM, Kiss Konsole, HDSDR, SDR# software
  • GNU Radio source block available now
  • Customization available to suit specific applications
  • Price: US$399

BeMicroSDK features

  • Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE22 FPGA for I/Q pre-processing
  • 10M/100M Ethernet interface for streaming I/Q data via UDP
  • 64Mbyte Mobile DDR SDRAM
  • Embedded USB Byte Blaster for programming configuration flash
  • Micro-SD card socket

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