Zephyr Engineering Products


Software Defined Radio

Zephyr specializes in SDR hardware, SDR FPGA applications and SDR firmware and software.

Zephyr SDR products include the SDRstickTM line of SDR RF boards as well as the SDRkitTM FPGA development boards. Build your development environment with off-the-shelf hardware while Zephyr designs a custom solution for you.


FPGA Development Kits

Zephyr offers off-the-shelf development boards to aid in Software Defined Radio development. The SDRstickTM RF front end boards can turn virtually any standard FPGA development board with an HSMC connector into an SDR development platform. With frequency coverage up to 55 MHz, SDRstickTM boards offer a quick and very inexpensive way to build an SDR development environment. At higher frequencies, the RF-HSMCOMMS-9361 RF Agile Transceiver board adapts the AD9361 RF Agile Transceiver from Analog Devices to the HSMC connector and operates at frequencies up to 6 GHz. The SDRkitTM FPGA-CV-ST-SoC-9361 is a stand-alone AD9361 evaluation board featuring several high-speed data interfaces, including USB 3.0, 10 Gb Ethernet, SATA III and PCIe.



Zephyr offers several off-the-shelf CompactPCI board solutions, from 33 MHz or 66 MHz Active Extenders that meet all CPCI specifications to 96-channel Digital I/O cards.