Company History


Zephyr Engineering, Inc was incorporated in Feb, 1995. One of our first customers was Motorola Computer Group, who needed two designs completed on very short notice. Zephyr completed the design of two PMC carrier boards and delivered 10 prototypes of each, all within 6 weeks of the contract award. Zephyr did not even have an office at the start of the contract; temporary office space was rented, test equipment was purchased and the boards were completed and tested.

Building our Base

Continuing to emphasize our speed and flexibility, Zephyr built its customer base over the next years with numerous custom designs while building a custom portfolio of its own products. Clients included Intel, Honeywell Aerospace, Motorola, Freescale Semiconductor and General Dynamics. While these larger companies offered larger opportunities, Zephyr’s bread and butter continued to be small, quick-turn prototypes and small production runs. The ZPCI.2400 and ZPCI.2466 active extenders and the ZPCI.4096 96-channel Digital I/O CPCI card were conceived, designed and built during this time, and are still available today.


Zephyr’s focus today is on Software Defined Radio and related FPGA applications. While we still offer a broad base of services, our own product development direction is aimed at SDR products. In the last few years, we have widened our product line to include several HF SDR products, and additional work is in process to expand this to the VHF, UHF and SHF frequency bands. Emphasis is on FPGA hardware development, with attendant BSP and example designs.